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2015 JAMB UTME CBT Practice Software [Free Download]

The ‘great’ JAMB UTME CBT practice software! The Software that let you scale through 2015 UTME like a genius. You are guaranteed of Getting Higher Score with this package.

Jamb-cbt-software- Get-Higher-Score

Love them or hate them, it’s very hard to get away from exams.

Are you about to take the 2015 JAMB UTME?

Do you sometimes feel that “you’re no good at computers”?

Does it all feel a bit too much?

Would you like a helping hand to organise yourself and keep your motivation levels high?

If you’d like to develop your mind’s full potential, pass JAMB UTME easily, quickly with fun, then this might be the most important post you’ll ever read.

As a matter of fact,  ‘ Passing UTME is not all about how brilliant you are, but how smart you are to answer those questions within the limited time.’

You can take responsibility for your own learning, motivate yourself, set yourself goals and start working in a productive way so that when you take your exam you will feel confident. Believing in yourself is half the battle, so let your self-esteem and your knowledge bloom… We have created a CBT PRACTICE SOFTWARE to help.


But it’s not just an ordinary CBT SOFTWARE, it’s an ideal product to help prospective JAMB/UTME candidates prepare for e-Exams/CBT to Get Higher Score.

The Electronic System Testing & Preparatory Software was developed to help candidates prepare for JAMB CBT examination, and evaluate their readiness to take the exam. However, the software is a licensed application and is licensed on a per computer basis.

How Our CBT Software Works?

The CBT SOFTWARE automatically generates a simulated and randomized JAMB CBT test questions based on past JAMB/UTME questions from (1978 – now).

The CBT SOFTWARE automatically time the user, mark and score the simulated examination. It also grades the user and displays a performance report. Answers to the test questions, explanations to the answers and other features have been included for a complete learning experience.

Is the UTME Practice Software Really Free?

Yea, the software is free to download via the link provided at the end of the post. However, it has been stated earlier that it’s a licensed application, so you have to pay to get its license and enjoy its full functionality.

As a matter of fact, you can use the demo of the product before paying for it.

How Much Does the CBT Software Activation Code/License Cost?

We are giving out the software activation code/license for just NGN1,500 NGN950 (‘cos of customers request and Nigeria present economy). You will agree with me that if you are to purchase JAMB past questions for four subjects, you will be spending nothing less than NGN2,000 to NGN2,500 . In this case you are not limited to four subjects, you have 12 different subjects at your disposal. This implies that multiple persons can  use the application even if they all offer different courses.

Note: peradventure you formatted your computer(s)/uninstall the program from your machine and it prompted for activation code after you have already purchased one before, notify us and we shall provide you with a new activation code without paying a dime i.e. FREE! – This offer is valid till December 1 2015..

Feature of the UTME CBT Practice Software.

  • Easy to install

  • It works offline (i.e. you don’t need to be online)

  • 12 different subjects (you can confirm that from the demo version)

  • Contains JAMB real past questions from 1978

  • Easy to use

  • Friendly interface to assist with your study

  • User guide to help you to operate the application easily

  • It can manage an unlimited number of users

  • An analysis of performance page to help you improve better

  • It contains an explanation page that gives detailed explanation to problems

  • It’s time based

  • Experience JAMB CBT hall in your closet

  • The software manages your reports and performances and in a secured mode with a password you provide so that no one can be able to access your performances in a shared system.

  • And so on.

The features of this software are great, numerous and endless. Go to the download page now to have a taste of its great capabilities.


If you are unable to download the software using the link above, you can also CLICK HERE FOR ALTERNATIVE DOWNLOAD LINK.

 As the application is a downloadable product, you can start practicing right away!

Don’t have a Computer, Download the JAMB UTME Past Questions & Answers for Mobile Phones.

Oh! How Can I Get The CBT Practice Software Activation Code/License?

If you need the JAMB CBT Practice software license, you have to pay the NGN1,500 NGN950 activation code/license fee via the bank, Internet transfer, Internet banking into the accounts below:

Bank Name: Guaranty Trust Bank
Account Name: Fapohunda Olusegun
Account Number: 0049355128


fist Bank

Bank Name: First Bank of Nigeria
Account Name: Fapohunda Olusegun
Account Number: 3082279669


Click the image below and follow the instructions to make payment with your ATM Card.


Note: to pay with your ATM card, click on the image above and then select  Don’t have a SimplePay Account? CLICK HERE TO PAY’.

After payment,to get an “Activation Code”, Please send via email; (1) Product ID** (2) Mobile Phone Number (3) The Name You Use To Pay Into Our Bank Account (4) the teller number/transaction ID to Our Phone Number Or Email Address.

Note: **Product ID can be found on your computer screen, after installation. Your Teller number is important if you pay into our bank account. If you pay online, you are required to accompany the message with your transaction ID for a swift response.

Phone Number : 08123874579
Email Address :

You don’t have to decide now if this product is for you. Just get it and try it out. If it doesn’t do everything we say and more, if you don’t save time or improve, or if your life isn’t better… or if you don’t absolutely love it and have more fun revising for JAMB UTME…just let us know and we’ll give you every kobo of your money back! So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We give discount to those buying 20 activation codes or more at once. Below is how the discount goes.

When you buy 20 or more activation codes, you pay 900 for each.

Below are some of the testimonials we received:

I’m Joel, a cybercafe owner in Lagos.

I use this practice software on over 50 computers in my facility. So far, it has been excellent!

MySchoolGist CBT Practice Software is versatile, I think I have finally found a CBT practice companion that can teach me things on the level I am looking for! I find it so incredible.



“Just a note to express my appreciation for the outstanding service that I receive from this CBT practice Software. Few companies today offer this ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction.”



“Doing business with your company has been a true pleasure for me. I have been impressed with the quick response and professional approach your company has offered me. Keep up the good work.”


We have received series of awesome testimonies from many users of our product. You can also be the next happy user.  You won’t regret getting one.

MSG Team.

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Olusegun Fapohunda is the founder and editor of MySchoolGist. He loves to share education news from various sources to keep readers informed. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Facebook and Google +

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  1. When you’ve paid in the bank, how long does it take to receive the activation code.

    • MySchoolGist Staff says:

      @Timi, You should receive the activation code 2hrs after sending your details to the number above.

  2. Pls, How Do I Pay For Four Different Ones To Be Used On Four Different Computers? This Is Because I’ve Downloaded Four And I Want To Know If I Will Just Pay N3800 Directly Or I Will Pay N950 Four Times… After Sending The Text Message Containing All The Needed Information, How Fast Will I Receive The Activation Code? This Is Because I Want To Do This For My School So I Have To Tell Them The Time Frame At Which The Thing Will Be Completed.

    • Olusegun Fapohunda says:

      @Tolu, you have to pay N950 for each activation code which will equate to N3,800. You should get your activation code max. of 2hrs after payment.

  3. justice says:

    Please l need a help.
    Whenever l connect to the internet and start the program, l get a bad message – …cannot connect to the database. But when l disconnect the internet, the program runs fine. Why?

  4. please I checked my software I cant find any product ID

    • MySchoolGist Staff says:

      @Happy, You can only see your ID after you have installed that software. Kindly check using the above steps carefully as your guide.

  5. ebyrock says:

    Ebyrock Aba

  6. Dfanumudu says:

    Admin, Please, I have D7 in Maths and credited English,Govt,Igbo,Econs,CRK,Agric,Bio,Lit in English. What course could be best for me studying in the University and (or) Poly and the subjects to write in Jamb. I need advise from anyone not to make mistakes or please rather text me 08068392161

    • Dfanumudu says:

      I learnt that Library Science (LS) is good to go for Poly Nekede with such result, but Please what of University.

      • MySchoolGist Staff says:

        @Every Nigerian university that offers those courses I gave you earlier. Library science in unilorin requires mathematics but those other courses doesn’t.

    • MySchoolGist Staff says:

      @Dfanumudu, you can study Mass communication, political science, international relations, library science,etc.

  7. adekunle says:

    i tried 2 click on dnt av a simple pay u acc but it keep on refreshing d page

  8. hi! i paid N190 into your account yesterday, thursday, 11/12/2014. i sent the detail to your phone number and email, but i didnt receive any respond from. i hope there is no problem?

  9. adekunle says:

    want 2 use online payment but dnt av a simple pay acc.. help

    • MySchoolGist Staff says:

      Adekunle, You will choose you don’t have a simple pay account and you can proceed from there. Try and read the last paragraph above too.

  10. onaji stephen says:

    sir, is ijmb a legal educational organisation with study centers in all NIgeria state HQ?. What is their official webside, shaould trust them like utme?

    • MySchoolGist Staff says:

      @stephen, IJMB is a legal and accredited educational organization with their official website @ The point there is that not all universities in Nigeria require/demands these results from students.

  11. Mr. Michael Edafe says:

    The software is good and should be recommended for jambites.. i ll buy 1 license to try the “full functionality” before recommending it for my students… I was calling your line but you not responding.. How soon will i get the license after the payment??? Thumbs up for your good works.

    • MySchoolGist Staff says:

      @MR. Edafe, You will need to complete the last step above via sms and we would send you the license key within 4hrs.

  12. cletus says:

    Can i use one activation key on more than one computer?

  13. inioluwa says:

    Pls sir. Wih month did jamb form wil close. And wih month will we start jamb awer examination. Pls sir I nid help sir

  14. Ezekiel Evans says:

    am going for mechaninal engineering,what chances do i hav with dis result@eng c5,maths c6,physic c6,chemistry c6.

  15. Can the practical software works on blackberry?

  16. olabisi says:

    can i choose Maths,Eng,Econs nd Commere 4 Insurance or Finance @
    Unilag nd pls sir wat are my chances with dis result Maths c6,eng
    c4,econs B3,comm C4,Geo C4,Bio C6,Govt C4 nd Yor C6

  17. wot subjects can 1 register 4 studying accounting

    • MySchoolGist Staff says:

      @emma, You need the utme combination of English, Mathematics, Economics and any other social science subject to study accounting

  18. apena faitful says:

    After paying to the bank how long do i have to wait before getting the activation code

    • MySchoolGist Staff says:

      @faithful, after paying , follow the procedures below and you will get the license key in less than 10hrs.

  19. adekunle says:

    can dis utme practice software work on android phones?

  20. d.s. owolabi says:

    If I pay now, will I get the licence immediately?

  21. Hello, what’s the difference between the free version and getting the license key. How long can I try the free version before it demands for the license? Is the free version limited?

    • MySchoolGist Staff says:

      You are eligible to only two questions on the free trial which last for 14days only.

  22. Chukwudi says:

    I’veg installed mine, but its saying sumtin abt database path, pls is it the same with licence key/activation key??

  23. Please is your company one of the registration centers, (not exam centre) or how can one get assistance to fill the form properly

  24. sandra ukpai says:

    am very much to discover such an incredible site. nice one

  25. i wnt to study external relations which sujct do i rgst in jamb sir

  26. Enujeko Mercy says:

    For some body who wants to study french in uniben,can I register English,literature,french and CRS as my jamb subjects?

  27. Onabiyi says:

    if i pay into your bank account,how will i get the activation code?

  28. Mustapha Danraka says:

    Gud Job @ Olusegun. May God Bless u

  29. favour moses says:

    Please I will like to receive updates.

  30. Matthew says:

    Can one download be used for an entire school?

  31. Mogbolu Marvellous Chidube says:

    Sir. You guys have developed something special. I will tell my classmates all about it.

  32. EL-Levi says:

    Pls i downloaded the java version on my java phone but while installin it says that the file is corrupt wat do i do? Also, i want to study sociology, do i put Govt, Eng, C.R.K,and Econs in my jamb?

    • @ EL-Levi, we are currently working to make the java version compatible with all Java phones. However, you can still use the Android version. Your UTME subjects are ok for sociology.

  33. Pls cant i pay you using recharge card option pls i dont own a bank account thanks in advance

  34. Justin oscar says:

    Abdullahi cant u chosse subject like chemistry physics and biology ehm

  35. Can you use one licence on more than one system?

  36. why don’t you have subject like commerce, accounting, yoruba, i.r.k on your app. it’s defying some of us.

  37. Arthur24 says:

    i got 176 in jamb is der any hope for me

  38. I’m Unable To Install It On My Computer System. I Will Appreciate If The Software Is Converted To A Normal Setup File Rather Than A Zip File To Enable Easy Install. Pls, I Really Need This Software To Prepare For My JAMB.

  39. Adeniyi says:

    What about blackberry users?

  40. INNOCENT says:

    @segun,is there anything to do with the computer provided for me by jamb?so that answer wil available for any question…..reply me

  41. Does it contain JAMB past questions from inception till date?
    Can the software be installed on multiple systems?
    If ya, can one make payment through mobile transfer?

    • @obas, it contains JAMB past questions from inception till date. The software can be installed on Multiple systems. We accept payment via mobile transfer to any of our bank accounts.

  42. Jonathan says:

    The download link isnt working.

  43. CampusLink says:

    This is a Nice Initiative @olusegun..
    I am sure its gonna help CBT students alot.
    Nice job you are doing here.

  44. i cant use my card to purchase the GHS activation code . pls can i get help.? thank you

  45. MySchoolGist Staff says:

    @Johnpaul, kindly use the contact page to talk directly to the admin, we are sorry for the delay.

  46. MySchoolGist Staff says:

    @Victor, Kindly use the contact page to, talk to the admin directly.

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